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Shri Sai College of Engineering & Technology library has a full fill collection of more than 15428 books on different topics. It also has a good collection of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer science Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering & Civil Engineering and other literary forms in English, Hindi & Marathi books. The library provides knowledge-based services to all students & readers.

Total Library Area: - 410 Sq .mt.

Library Hours

Opening Hour Daily Working Days
09.30:00 am to 05:00 pm (Monday to Saturday)

Library Advisory Committee: - College library has Library Advisory Committee since the establishment of college i.e. 2013.

Library Advisory Committee 2017-18

Sr. No. Name Designation Position/Activity
1. Dr.J.F.Agrawal Principal President
2. Dr. N.N.Padole 1st Year Co-ordinator Member
3. Prof. K.A.Sikdar Dean Admin. Member
4. Prof. V.H.Sadrani IQAC Co-ordinator Member
5. Prof. M.P.Chopde HOD Mechanical Engg. Member
6. Prof. D.B.Waghmare HOD Electrical Engg. Member
7. Prof. C.S.Bhashakhetre HOD Civil Engg. Member
8. Prof. L.N.Yadav HOD Computer Science Engg. Member
9. Prof. M.N.Ramteke HOD Electronics & Commu.Engg. Member
10. Mr. B.M.Khiratkar Librarian Member Secretary

Library-Technical Information

The library works on “Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme” for the compilation of books. Similarly, books are arranged Branch/subject wise with location (Rack no.) to retrieve the books/information.

In consultation with Library Advisory Committee, college authorities have purchased the library management software named - “Lib-Man” developed by Masters Software (Pvt.) Ltd. Nagpur; a well-known library software developer company in Maharashtra and middle India.

Lib-Man-(Library Management System):- This is an integrated, multi user, multilingual software for complete computerization or in house operators of any library. This software is designed as per the norms standards of library science. It has no restrictions on number of document.

The work of Library Automation is partially completed. Books were issued through Barcode enabled computerized to all faculties and students. Status of our college library is partially automated.

Total Collection of Books in Library

Total No. of Books 15428
Total No. of Titles 3061
Reference Books 2080
National Journals 47
Journals Bound Volumes 186
E- Resources DELNET & NDL
CD’s / DVD’s 650
Newspapers 04

Progress Profile for Books

Total 13361 B.E. books are registered up to 21 July. 2018 in the library Accession register. Its total cost is calculated Rs.4190201 /-

Year Total No. of Books Purchased Amount in Rs.
2013-14 714 270258/-
2014-15 222 92188/-
2015-16 344 132599/-
2016-17 948 464725/-
2017-18 (Upto Mar. 2018) 316 126309/-

Progress Profile for Journal & Newspaper

There are 47 National Journal and 4 News Paper available in the library for references. Subscribed by the library during last 5years. (List attached at last.)

Year Total No. of Journals Amount in Rs. Total No. of Newspapers Amount in Rs.
2013-14 30 54000/- 5 5670./-
2014-15 31 47902/- 5 6383./-
2015-16 46 72602/- 5 6708/-
2016-17 49 111851/- 5 6538/-
2017-18 49 126309/- 5 6247./-

Library staff details

Name Qualification Designation Contact no./Mail Id.
Mr.Baba M.Khiratkar M.A.M.Lib.I.Sc. PGDLAN (Hyd.Uni.) Librarian [email protected]
Mr.Ananta B.darwey B.A.C.Lib.Cert. Asst.Librarian 9923459533
Mr. Dilip P.Shirsat SSC Lib.clerk
Mr.Kisan D.Yergude SSC Lib.attendant
Mrs.Sangita J.Goche SSC Lib.Peon

Statistics of Subject-wise total collection

For the convenience of our library we categorized some subjects. We keep all the collection as per our own made Branch/ subject wise category & location. Available Branch/subject wise collection is as follow:

Total Books Statement (2017-2018)

Sr. No Particular Total No. of Books
01 Mechanical Engg. 2213
02 Electrical Engg. 1651
03 Computer Science Engg. 3031
04 Electronics & Commu.Engg. 2264
05 Civil Engg. 1020
06 Chemistry 308
07 Mathematics 805
08 Physics 315
09 Environment Sci. 116
10 GATE & General 306
11 MPSC 63
12 Management 234
13 English 224
14 Book Bank 811
15 M.Tech (EPS) 270
16 Book Bank 811
17 M.Tech (EPS) 270
18 M.Tech.(CAD/CAM) 235
19 Poly.(ME,EE) 1562
Total 15428

Rules and Regulation :

  1. No transaction will be made without Identity card. I-card shall be non-transferable.

  2. The student using library should sign in the register.

  3. Strictly silence should be maintained in the library.

  4. Maximum five books available in the library will be issued to the student member at a time for 15 days. It may be re-issued after 15 days at the request of the user.

  5. Books which have been issued are liable to be recalled at any time by the librarian. If there is need for it . Book shall be returned within one day from the date of call.

  6. CDs will be issued separately.

  7. If the book is not retuned before stipulated time limit a due of Rs. 2 for each book/day will be imposed.

  8. Any existing damage should be brought to the notice of the staff & signature be obtained otherwise user should be held responsible.

  9. If book is lost, either it shall be replaced by new copy or by paying Double the cost of book.

  10. If requisitioned book is not available please register your claim. It will be issued as soon as it is available base on the serial claimant.

  11. If claimants fail to get the book issued within 2 days, it will be issued to the next claimant.

  12. Clearance certificate will not be issued unless all the books/CDs is returned and dues are paid.

  13. The amount of dues shall be recovered before summer Examination.

  14. Members shall not engage in conversation in any part of the Library so as to cause annoyance to any other reader.

  15. Students caught tearing pages/stealing of books, violating the rules will be debarred from the library.

Services Provided by the Library :

  1. Reference Service: - On demand reference service provided to the students & faculty Members by using open source on internet and Encyclopedia.

  2. Circulation :-Issue & Return of reading material such as Books, Project Reports, Multimedia, etc.

  3. OPAC: - Online Public Access Catalogue & M-OPAC Facility Provided to the Students & Staffs’

  4. Library Reading Room Facility: -Library’s Carpet area is 410 Sq. mt. Reading Room is 100 Sq. mt. Seating facility in the Reference Section is 20 Faculty Member & 150 Students can be seat in the reading hall.

  5. Newspapers Clipping Services: - The records of newspapers clipping of events in the college as well as news related to college are maintain in the file.

  6. Information Display and Notification: -Library information such as Library Rules, Journals list., Office Notices, News Paper Clipping , job Advertising in Newspapers Displayed on Library Notice Board from time to Time.

  7. Current Awareness Service (CAS) :- List of New Books and jackets display on Library Notice Board, Newspapers Clipping Services On Specific topics.

  8. Students Aids Service: -Question Papers of University Exams. University Syllabus and Question papers of GATE Examination are also available for References.

  9. Full Deposit Scheme (FDS):-During the Examination period students can take some books after Depositing the cost of books in the library.

  10. Scanner / Reprography Service: - Scanner / Reprography (Xerox) Facility also available in the library.

  11. Creation of Bound volumes of important Journals and magazines.

  12. DELNET & NDL online Books & e- journals etc.

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