SPORT Department @ SSCET


Physical Education Department


College have an Sport department that offer a variety of sports for students. As playing sports is one of the favorite activities Students. Apart from being a fun activity, sports offer several health benefits, thus contributing to one's physical and mental well-being. Sports play a vital role in the enhancement of one's personality by being a source of exercise and entertainment. It develops leadership qualities and fosters a team spirit in students.




A) Outdoor Sports Grounds/Courts @ SSCET:


  1. Cricket Ground
  2. Volleyball Court
  3. Basketball Court
  4. Badminton Court
  5. Racing Track
  6. Kabaddi Ground
  7. KhoKho Ground
  8. Athelatic

B) Indoor Sports @ SSCET:


  1. Billiard table
  2. Table Tennis
  3. Chess Boards
  4. Carrom Boards
  5. Gymnasium