Language Lab for Students @ SSCET


Highly Configured 30 PCs in LAN with 10Mbps High Speed Broadband Internet Connection for Students


Language Lab @ SSCET ME1


Proficiency in language is perhaps the best indicator of one's communicative ability. Today's engineers have to compete in the global market. To cater to the need of imparting better communication skills, efficient command over the English language is needed. Keeping this in mind Shri Sai College of Engineering & Technology has introduced special training module in communicative English in venture to mould the complete professional.


Highly Configured 30 PCs in LAN with 10 Mbps High Speed Broadband Internet Connection for Students.


About Licenced Language Lab Software installed @ SSCET:


iLotus Interactive English Foundation + Advanced course + SRS gives you complete command over the language. This product is aimed at those who want complete proficiency in the language. You begin with the basic and learn to master the language the way you mastered your mother tongue.


The Linguaphone Methods:




The Linguaphone Syllabus:


Linguaphone 21 has 5 levels and is offered as 2 courses : Foundation ( Levels 1 to 3) and Advanced ( Levels 3 to 5). On completing all 5 levels, the student will have command over a vocabulary of 3000 words.

The complete iLotus Interactive English course has one Pen drive containing the following:



iLotus SRS (Speech Recognition Software):



  1. iLOTUS SRS uses the latest Speech Recognition Technology and Levels 1 to 4 of the Linguaphone curriculum to help students improve their accent and pronunciation.
  2. The learner listens to Linguaphone and then records his own voice.
  3. A graph visually represents the learner's speech and compares it with L-21.
  4. SRS gives marks on 4 key aspects: Pronunciation, Pitch, Timing and Loudness.
  5. iLotus SRS acts as the "built in Teacher"
  6. iLotus SRS contains 72 role plays that give the learner conversational practice in "real life situations".