Finishing School @ SSCET for Enhancing Employability Skills:




The SSCET Finishing School has been set up to solve the following queries -


Q.1. What qualities students should acquire during graduation for employability ?
Q.2. After the selection students have to work in a team, so what skill they should require ?
Q.3. How to set short term and long term goal ?
Q.4. What kind of habits students should have during the education ?
Q.5. What type of training we can provide to the students for skill development ?
Q.6. Apart from technical skill what type of non technical skill they require ?
Q.7. What are the domains available ?
Q.8. What are the higher education courses should opt after the completion of graduation ?
Q.9. What constitutes proper Grooming and Etiquette in a professional environment ?
Q.10. Give some practical tips to handle the situations in a professional setting ?
Q.11. How should they prepare themselves to face interview ?