M.Tech. (Electrical Power System) Department:


Intake Capacity: 24




Electrical Engineering Deptt. Labs & Workshops:


  1. High Voltage Lab
  2. Power Electronics Lab
  3. Switch Gear & Protection Lab
  4. Control System Lab
  5. Electrical Machine Lab
  6. Measurement Lab
  7. Network Analysis Lab
  8. C.A.E.E.D. Lab (MAT LAB)
  9. "C" Language Lab
  10. Electrical Technology Lab
  11. Electrical Workshop


Key Strengths:


  • Active interaction with industry i.e. in private and public sector, to undertake live projects.
  • State-of-the-art Electrical Machines and Network labs., well equipped with the latest equipment Highly experience, qualified and dynamic Staff.
  • Digital LCD Projectors that allow students to follow along with the instructor's concepts and examples.
  • State of the laboratories and workshop, well equipped with the latest equipment Highly experience, qualified and dynamic Staff.
  • Within the College, there are several networked labs that host state-of the-art PCs for students use. These PCs can run under both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. Whole Computer Lab has a online UPS backup with real-time DG set.
  • Students have access via networked servers to laser and color printers, scanners and video production equipments and applications as well as storage space for data files. Several software and specialized Computer engineering applications are also available on the network.
  • Students have remote access to the Internet, their e-mail and applications.
  • Work of an Electrical Engineer includes: Assessing the maximum demand of Electrical Power, Designing and calculating a prospective electrical installation etc. They may work on the design of electrical circuits, electrical machines, generation & distribution of electrical power, electrical drives & controls, for various applications of electric power stations, the lighting and wiring of buildings, the design of household appliances or the electrical control of industrial machinery.


    He / She is employed in large Private sector such as M.S.E.B., Reliance, Suzlon, Zensar, Telco, and Public Sector such as Electrical Powerhouse, State Electrical Boards, Certain Govt. Departments, Municipal bodies. He / she can undertake Self -Business like Electrical shops, Services, and Electrical Contractor-ship etc.