Computer Science & Engineering Department


General Choice Code: 419024210 ============ TFWS Choice Code: 419024211 ============ Intake : 60




Computer Science & Engineering Deptt. Labs & Workshops:


  1. "C" Programming Lab
  2. Object Oriented Programming Lab
  3. Electronic Devices And Circuits Lab
  4. Data Structure Programming Lab
  5. Numerical Computing Lab
  6. Object Oriented Methodology Lab
  7. Software Technolgoy - Lab I
  8. TCP/IP Lab
  9. Language Processor Lab
  10. Workshop Practice Lab II
  11. Digital Circuits & Fundamental Of Microprocessor Lab
  12. Database Management System Lab
  13. Computer Workshop
  14. Database Management System Lab
  15. Computer Networks Lab
  16. Microprocessor & Interfacing Lab
  17. Software Engineering & Project Management Lab
  18. Software Technology Lab II
  19. Distributed Object Oriented Database Management Lab
  20. Computer System Security Lab

Key Strengths:


  • Active interaction with industry i.e. in private and public sector, to undertake live projects.
  • Highly experience, qualified and dynamic Staff.
  • Digital LCD Projectors that allow students to follow along with the instructor's concepts and examples.
  • State of the laboratories and workshop, well equipped with the latest equipment.
  • Within the College, there are several networked labs that host state-of the-art PCs for students use. These PCs can run under both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. Whole Computer Lab has a online UPS backup with real-time DG set.
  • Students have access via networked servers to laser and color printers, scanners and video production equipments and applications as well as storage space for data files. Several software and specialized Computer engineering applications are also available on the network.
  • Students have remote access to the Internet, their e-mail and applications.
  • As the name implies, computer engineering is the engineering discipline that deals with the design and application of computer systems. These computer systems range in size from tiny embedded processors to massive database and network servers. The desktop personal computer is a familiar example, but computer systems are also found in consumer appliances, industrial equipment, medical devices, cellular phones, automobiles, avionics, financial trading systems and even "smart" credit cards.

    Computer engineers deal with both the hardware of the system, and the software. They work in a variety of areas and companies. Computer Engineering graduates are employed at a variety of companies, ranging from TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Zensar, Kanbay, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Motorola, Plexus, GE Medical Systems and many more.