M.Tech. (CAD/CAM) Department


Intake Capacity: 24




Mechanical Engineering Deptt. Labs & Workshops:


  1. Fluid Mechanics Lab
  2. Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Lab
  3. CAD/CAM Lab
  4. Engg. Graphics Lab
  5. Machine Shop
  6. Engg. Metallurgy Lab
  7. Machine Drawing
  8. Foundry Shop
  9. Theory Of Machines Lab
  10. Heat Transfer Lab
  11. Mechanical Measurement Lab
  12. Production Technology Lab
  13. Computer Application Lab
  14. Industrial Electronics Lab
  15. Machine Drawing
  16. IC Engine Lab
  17. Machine Design
  18. Automation in Production Lab
  19. Energy Conversion Lab
  20. Workshop

Key Strengths:

  • State of the laboratories and workshop, well equipped with the latest equipment Highly experience, qualified and dynamic staff.
  • Digital LCD Projectors that allow students to follow along with the instructor's concepts and examples.
  • Students have access via networked servers to laser and color printers, scanners and video production equipments and applications as well as storage space for data files. Several software and specialized Computer engineering applications
    • are also available on the network.
  • Students have remote access to the Internet, their e-mail and applications.
  • Expert seminar from Industrialists and Academicians.
  • Industrial Training and Visits in nearby Industrial exposure.
  • Mechanical engineering is considered as an evergreen field. Mechanical engineer are required in almost every engineering activity. He is engaged in designing, manufacturing, maintenance and other services. Mechanical Engineers are employed in various industries whose function is concerned with design, manufacturing, maintenance, mining, transportation, communications, oil refining, chemical manufacturing, paper, sugar, textiles, aerospace, nuclear energy, natural gas production and transmission, construction, etc. He is required in various industries in various industries like Electrolux, Loyds, Thermal Power Station, Railways, Various Manufacturing units, Navy, Air Force, Ordinance Factories, Software Companies, etc.